One can expect all possible waterproofing services from us. Let’s see how we actually help our clientele and patrons to get rid of all those nasty waterproofing issues:

A) External Waterproofing

All those external waterproofing issues are too nasty to handle. Nobody wishes to waste their time and energy on stopping and fixing the leaks every now and then. But there is nothing to worry about, as we are here to make your waterproofing troubles vanish in no time.

Often the exterior of the property is overlooked when it comes to revamping a certain one. We believe that the externals of your building are the most important part because this is something that the visitors and guests will notice the foremost. At Star Waterproofing Co., we ensure that the externals of your property are not hurt anyway. We do everything to fix all those waterproofing issues including leaks, cracks, continuous chipping, and many other possible issues.

Insights of some of our external waterproofing services:

  • Retention Tanks
  • Gravity drains
  • Exterior Surface Drainage
  • Exterior footing drains
  • Exterior Foundation Membranes
  • Driveway Drains

B) Internal Waterproofing

Another waterproofing service that you can expect from us is the internal waterproofing services. Our team repairs, revamp and even remove the waterproofing issues once and for all from your space. We begin by inspecting the area, cleaning it, and then applying the right treatment to fix it for now and forever. The internals when are troubled with any of those waterproofing issues, it probably irritates us the most. And, that’s why we have come to rescue from all such troubles and pains to give you a better space to live in.

Insights of some internal waterproofing services:

  • Sealed Vapor Barriers
  • Sump Pumps
  • Coatings of the floor
  • Hydrostatic Pressure Relief Systems
  • Mold Remediation
  • Emergency Back-up Systems
  • Crack Injection

So, whenever any such internal waterproofing issues occur, remember that we are always there to provide the best solution for your issues. 

C) Emergency Waterproofing

Besides, in case there is any emergency waterproofing in our space, you know we are just a click away to solve all those issues.